A glocal fair for the emerging contemporary art from 16-18 March 2012 - Bolzano-Italy
16/03/2012 - 18/03/2012
Over 80 galleries from 10 countries, a complete overview of the regional contemporary art and a geographical focus dedicated to South Korea with 10 galleries from the guest country and 4 solo shows of Korean artists living in Europe. kunStart is committed primarily to the emerging contemporary art galleries, focusing on proposals of newcomers and young artists as well as on geographical contexts that can be considered "developing" for the contemporary arts. At the fair will be on sale mainly affordable artworks under 5000 Euro. Located in a peripheral context and in a recent but intensive development for the production of contemporary art, this young fair, thanks to its geographical border position can be an ideal meeting place for the cultural and economic exchange on emerging galleries from different European realities, especially linking the contiguous German Alpine countries to the established Italian market.Giovanni Demetz Stand nr. B6-2 Galaria Unika
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